Efficiency is Energy

Ecotope counteracts the climate crisis with research-proven engineering and visionary leadership; we drive the building industry toward transformative and scalable low-carbon solutions, informed by four decades of learning and technical innovation. Our clients seek holistic designs that optimize energy efficiency and are in harmony with the future grid.


Ecotope’s work focuses on the built environment, the largest sector of energy use in the United States.We work to continually increase our overall understanding of energy use at every scale.


For nearly 40 years, Ecotope has been involved in the development of energy efficiency and renewable technologies as an energy resource in the Northwest.


A searchable collection of research articles, papers, studies, reports and analysis from our library – and a growing collection of high-quality calculators and other tools.


Ecotope maintains an interdisciplinary staff of engineers, statisticians, physicists, mathematicians, metering and data collection specialists all passionate about energy conservation.