Mechanical Engineer IV/V (Research Project Manager)

Do you want to combat the climate crisis through transformative building solutions? We have an opportunity to use your skills to contribute to energy efficiency and decarbonization.

Ecotope is looking for a creative, motivated, and organized Mechanical Engineer IV/V (Research Project Manager) to lead projects that research, develop, test, demonstrate, and verify performance of innovative technologies needed to decarbonize the building sector. We are a mission-driven company dedicated to transforming the building industry away from the use of fossil fuels to highly efficient all-electric systems. Our work at Ecotope focuses on three responses that the building industry needs to make to the climate crisis:

  • Electrify Buildings
    Stop burning fossil fuels in our buildings and transition to highly efficient heat pump systems and other electric technologies.
  • Efficiency is Energy
    Work towards driving down the energy use in buildings to free up grid capacity for electric vehicles and future development.
  • When Matters
    As our grid transitions to reliance on solar and wind generation, we strive to develop the technology to shift our energy use away from peak demand periods and into times of the day with plentiful solar energy.

At Ecotope, we value creative, focused, highly communicative, and thoughtful individuals who bring a “can do” attitude. We seek out individuals who are aligned with our mission and are not afraid to challenge the status quo with leading edge scientific advancements.

As an Mechanical Engineer IV/V (Research Project Manager), some of the things that you may work on include:

  • Client communication on multiple projects to understand project objectives, deliverables, and plan how to complete projects.
  • Fundamental research needed to help manufacturers of new heat pump and thermal storage technologies optimize their products and find the best applications in the US market.
  • Lead demonstration projects in which a new product is installed in a building for the first time.
  • Lead team to collect performance data in the field to help optimize system performance, learn lessons for product and design improvements, and validate effectiveness of emerging technologies.
  • Support development of codes, standards, guidelines, and programs needed to take proven technologies to scale in the marketplace.
  • Delegate effectively to staff in order to complete projects.

The biggest challenges that you will face:

  • Creatively develop simple solutions to complex challenges that multiple parties with different requirements can all agree upon.
  • Managing a wide variety of different types of projects that include MEP design work, code and standards development, incentive design, and software tool building.
  • Coordinate shifting schedules or staffing needs across multiple projects.

Valuable abilities/attributes to excel in this position:

  • Practical engineering design sense needed to integrate new technologies into real world building applications in new and existing buildings.
  • Focus on finding the simplest, most accessible solution for the market.
  • Change-oriented and able to approach new problems with little ego and a child’s mind; always seeking a better and simpler way of doing things.
  • Ability to communicate across multiple levels in the company to identify staffing needs and coordinate matching personnel.
  • Effective communication across disciplines – engineers, software developers, analysts, policy experts, etc.
  • Ability to take a first-principles physics, heat transfer, and thermodynamics approach to understanding energy use in buildings.

Qualifications and previous experience that will help you quickly engage with our work:

  • Minimum 6+ years of M/E/P design experience in the building industry, with a focus on project management.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Electrical, or Plumbing Engineering (or related field).
  • Professional Engineering (PE) license.
  • Strong writing skills, including the ability to write in a variety of styles and translate technical information for general readers. Excellent oral communication skills a plus.
  • Experience using high-level programming languages such as Python, R, or MATLAB for data analysis.
  • Experience working with heat pump systems.
  • Experience using energy modeling software – EnergyPlus, eQuest, or IES.
  • Experience using version control platforms – GitHub, bitbucket.
  • Field experience, including commissioning, building surveys, and/or construction experience.

Work arrangement:

  • This position is not remote. There is an expectation of 3 days a week minimum in office.


  • $95,000 to $145,000
  • Eligible for profit-sharing bonuses


  • 100% paid medical benefits for employee
  • 3% safe harbor to 401k regardless of whether the employee chooses to contribute
  • Profit sharing
  • Paid sick leave
  • 160 hours of vacation plus a winter break closure for the last week of the year
  • 8 additional company holidays
  • Complimentary unlimited ORCA card
  • Up to $2,000 annual training/development fund


If this sounds like an exciting opportunity to combine your engineering talent with your desire to address one of the most critical challenges of our time, then come join our team at Ecotope. We are looking for people who are aligned with our mission, seek life-long learning, want to work in a flexible hybrid work environment with a commitment to work-life balance, and who are not afraid to challenge the status quo with leading edge engineering advancements.

How to apply:
Please send your resume and cover letter to, with subject line: “Mechanical Engineer IV/V (Research Project Manager) Applicant – Ecotope”

Submit one (1) PDF file containing:

  • Cover letter (submissions without a cover letter will not be considered)
  • Resume