Karen Morse

Program Coordinator

Karen Morse is Ecotope’s Program Coordinator, providing comprehensive support across all departments. In this role, she ensures seamless operations and effective communication within the company. In 2020, she completed the Project Management Certification course at the University of Washington, equipping her with essential tools and concepts that she leverages to aid the company’s project management team. Her expertise lies particularly in project accounting and coordination, where she oversees financial aspects and ensures projects stay on track.

Karen is dedicated to achieving the company’s targets and goals through strategic planning and meticulous organization. She collaborates with PMs to ensure accurate accounts receivable, resource allocation, and contractual compliance. Her ability to anticipate potential risks and proactively address them has made her an invaluable asset to the team. Karen’s commitment to excellence and her proactive approach contribute significantly to the overall success and efficiency of Ecotope’s projects.


B.A., French Language and Literature, University of Oregon
Project Management Certificate, University of Washington

Reading, knitting, random adventures