Madison Johnson

Data Analyst

As a member of Ecotope’s Technology and Transformation team, Madison leverages her applied mathematics background to analyze data from Ecotope’s measurement and verification (M&V) projects, facilitating the introduction of new technologies into the market.

Madison’s contributions on Central Heat Pump Water Heater (CHPWH) M&V projects has equipped her with an in-depth understanding of CHPWH systems. Madison calculates system efficiencies, analyzes energy consumption patterns, and tracks energy flows to identify areas for system improvement for designers and manufacturers. She has also played a significant role in several CHPWH load shift demonstration projects, lab testing, and modeling where she has helped in optimizing control strategies, informing load shift incentive programs, and enhancing system designs. Her expertise in monitoring equipment and data transfer processes provides valuable insights for establishing and maintaining data pipelines and commissioning M&V systems.

Driven by a passion for market transformation, Madison is committed to assisting manufacturers, designers, and utility companies in deploying efficient and robust systems.


M.S., Applied Mathematics, University of Washington
B.S., Applied Mathematics, Boise State University

Hiking, backpacking, thrifting, skiing, bouldering