Northwest Maritime Center

Port Townsend, WA

ENERGY USE INDEX: 31 kBtu/sf-yr (measured)

The Northwest Maritime Center consists of two buildings with retail space, office space, meeting halls and small commercial kitchen, a canoe/kayak livery as well as a boat building shop, demonstration area and a flexible classroom instruction environment.


What We Did and How

The project utilizes an ocean source heat pump system with titanium heat exchanger plates installed under the pier.  A closed water loop circulated throughout the building uses the ocean as a heat source or sink.  This variable speed heat pump loop provides all space conditioning needs including radiant floor as well as domestic hot water needs for the project. Ecotope provided LEED and sustainability consulting and mechanical and plumbing design services.


The Results

The 2010 metered Energy Use Index (EUI) is 31KBtu/SF/yr.


  •  The project earned a LEED Gold certification and saves over 35% of the energy of a standard approach.
  • Winner 2011 ASHRAE Technology Awards; New Commercial Buildings 1st Place Regional, 2nd Place National
  •  Featured in Summer 2012 edition of ASHRAE High Performance Buildings Magazine