About Our Team

Ecotope maintains an interdisciplinary staff of engineers, statisticians, physicists, mathematicians, analysts, and operations specialists all passionate about decarbonization and energy conservation.
Omer Ali

Omer Ali, EIT

Mechanical Research and Design Engineer

Susanne Brown, CPD, GPD

Lead Plumbing Designer

Bob Davis

Senior Field Engineer

Mark Frankel, AIA,
LEED Fellow

Principal, Policy and Programs

Millen Ghebreab

Director of Finance

Katie Glore

Mechanical Project Engineer

Evan Green

Research Engineer

Morgan Heater, PE, BEMP, LEED

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Project Manager

Jon Heller, PE

President, Principal of Technology Transformation

Ellen Johnson

Business Development Coordinator

Madison Johnson

Data Analyst

Zamora Lucas, BEMP

Energy Modeler

Seth McKinney

Policy and Programs Manager

Karen Morse

Program Coordinator

Gia Mugford

Technical Analyst

Andrew Murphy

Building Information Modeling Technician

Henry Odum, PE

Director, Design and Engineering

Shawn Oram, PE

Principal, Design and Engineering

Laurent Porter

Accounting Manager

Nolan Price

Nolan Price

Software Developer

Scott Spielman, PE

Director, Technology Transformation

Treasa Sweek, PE, CCP, LEED AP

Sr. Manager, Commissioning and Field Services

Greg Wentzell, PE

Mechanical Engineer