Seth McKinney

Policy and Programs Manager

Seth helps groups of people understand how their energy and GHG strategies (or lack thereof) impact the outcomes of their jobs and quality of life – at work and home. He has over ten years of experience designing and delivering programs that support energy, resource management, and decarbonization initiatives. Specialties include strategic implementation of portfolio-level efficiency and decarbonization programs, deploying design-focused building assessment methods, incorporating program criteria for equity in the built environment, utilizing verified financing and budgetary approaches, and discovering other important client criteria.   

Seth gets excited about demystifying building energy and carbon waste; how it affects businesses, communities, and regular folks. His partners and clients comment on his commitment to understanding their objectives – business targets, theories of change – to weave their needs and constraints into practical strategic approaches. He is a Certified Building Operator and a member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), soon to qualify as a Certified Energy Manager.

M.P.A., University of Washington, 2013
B.A., History, Muskingum University, 2004
B.A., English, Muskingum University, 2004

Certified Building Operator
Member, Association of Energy Engineers


Strumming guitars (mostly acoustic)


Sea kayaking and kayak camping

Extended backpacking trips

Reading and watching sci-fi/fantasy

Urban gardening

Bike commuting

Coaxing amazing flavors from food and coffee